Growing up, I was the only diver I knew. When I made the ocean my office, finding a community of people that shared the same passion was always my endgame.

Mingling inclusion, community, and discovery in the water informs all my work, whether I am teaching someone how to access the oceans on one breath, fully in my creator mode, or managing brands on social media.

The goal of all water-centered work should be more hearts and mind immersed in beauty and sharing wonder.

I am a content creator, photographer, freediving instructor, and scuba instructor. I help brands connect with audiences, and audiences connect with oceans.

I work with brands to recreate the feeling of adventure, fascination, and community that only time in the water can give us.

I carry with me years of experiences working in both the diving & tourism industries as well as representing major brands on social media, such as the Field Museum of Natural History. My educational background in neuroscience and in fine arts continues to serve me as so much of what we experience in the water walks a graceful line between art and science.

After working in advertising, I returned fully to the water, and have rarely had a dry day.

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