About Emily (The Photographer)

I used to sit in front of my fish tank when I was girl for hours and wish I was living in the background of their fake ocean wallpaper. Growing up, I had fish bedsheets and was sad my birthday was a few days too early to make me an Aquarius. So I’ve always been a bit of obsessed with aquatic life.

First in my family to dive.  I’m originally from California. My educational background is in neuroscience and in fine arts. I’ve worked in advertising, trauma research, corporate sales and

When I started working in as a Divemaster, I felt I’d found my calling. I never imagined I’d feel this passionately about my work. Less than a year later, I left to be closer to family.

Two years later I got back in the water, this time for freediving. I did my PADI OWSI and earned my MSDT in 2017 and am currently working towards becoming a freediving instructor.

One of the strangest things diving has taught me is that you can fall back in love with what you lost.