It’s a great way to travel and one of the most fun jobs in the world. You won’t get rich from it, but the experiences it’ll bring are priceless._C2A1690_C2A1639
When did you first start diving? I first tried scuba in 2010 on my first trip to Thailand and completed my open water certification. Then I just dived on holidays here and there over the years. I later went back to Thailand and stayed there for 2 years doing different things and eventually completed my advanced.

How did you go pro?

I was diving more and more for fun and my passion for it grew. I decided to continue on and do my rescue and divemaster together which I finished at the end of 2016.

Where has a career in diving taken you?

I worked last season in Cyprus as a dive master and completed my instructor exams at the end of the year and came to Dahab in march to start working as an instructor and have now become MSDT and am practicing freediving in my spare time.