In my previous job I was an Electronic Engineer.




So you had a long career before you transitioned into diving? 

I worked in the field of packaging machinery for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and sensor supplier for the machine builders in those industries. 

I am 53yrs old, German, not married but not single… 😉

How did you start diving?

I started diving in Australia (where I made my Divemaster). Travelled around and made my OW course in Cairns. in 1992 kept on diving in many places in Asia, Caribbean, Mexico (cenotes), Egypt etc.  Imade my Aow at one point , in 1994 came first time to Dahab, which was the only place I came BACK again, made my rescue & DM here.

So you must really love where you are. 

In 2006 I came back to dahab to think also about a career change and run into owner of Black Rock Divecentre how offered me job due to my language skills.

I took IDC in 2007 and love it. Now I am running the dive centre as technical manager.

Love this job due to our business model; Giving individual approach to all customers, teaching thorough with no time pressure, guiding in groups that fit each other, small groups for safety.”