“I was always going to do what I want. I’m just that kind of person.”


Rikki is working behind the scenes with a diving and adventure company in Dahab. She is 16 years old and originally from England. She speaks fluent Arabic and English. She’s comes from a background of competitive gymnastics.  While she still has two years until she can continue to the professional level of diving with her PADI Divemaster, she’s learning everything about the business of diving. She’s vegan and a passionate about animal care and rescue.

Can you tell me a little more about yourself?  

I am 16 years old – from England. I moved to Egypt when I was 11 and for my 12th birthday gift I did my junior open water course in Hurghada. Later that year, I discovered Dahab through family travels  and continued on to do my junior AOW course with my younger brother.

Later after 2 years of regularly visiting Dahab for diving vacations I moved out from my family and began to work in  a hotel & dive centre in Dahab.

Can you tell me what you are doing in diving now? 

Throughout this job I was consistently diving – joining in on various dives and taking photos for customers. I then moved back to Cairo and later moved back to Dahab in 2018 (after having completed my rescue course in 2017) to work in a dive centre managing paperwork, equipment and finances.

When I discovered the beauty of the Sinai reefs, I spent these years diving and discovering the different sites in the area.

For me, diving has always been an exciting sport and will always be considered a potential career option.