Sylvie, born in 77, grew up in a little village in Luxembourg, far away from the sea. 


When did you start diving?

It was only in 2008, in Dahab, that I discovered SCUBA diving. I completed the first level, the Open Water Diver Course, and was immediately overwhelmed by this special feeling and by the beauty and silence of the underwater world.

And you never looked back?

Since I’ve returned twice back to my home country, once to take unpaid leave and once to quit and sell everything before moving to Dahab. Diving and the special vibe of Dahab, this beautiful small village on the border of the Red Sea, in South Sinai, changed my life completely.

So when exactly did you go pro?

In April 2009. I had 250 logged dives when I started working as PADI Divemaster and since then diving has become my lifestyle.

I completed the PADI & EFR Instructor course and then I worked for 7 years for a German diving center in Dahab and for short time in Oman.

You’ve had such an awesomely long career. What sets you apart? 

I teach in French, English and German. It’s very useful to the industry. 

Now, I’m only working part time in SCUBA diving as I have a job in marketing of dive gear.

Are you happy to dive less? 

I’m not really diving less! My new lifestyle allows me to enjoy more free time to go fun diving again – and to slow down enough to start freediving. I recently started my first level of freediving. I am once again overwhelmed by a very special feeling.