Where are you originally from? 


Pretty far from home…is what everyone says to American’s traveling abroad. What brought you here? 

I came specifically to H20 divers to start scuba diving. After a month of diving, I left to travel for two years. But I wanted to return. Dahab is just so special. then the Dahab

So I came back in 2016 to do my resuce.

Is that when you went pro?
Yep. Came just for my rescue and was supposed to leave a month later. I’m pretty sure everyone knows how that goes.  Then it went in quick succession. Divemaster, Instructor and tec diver.

What did you do before you worked in diving?

I was a music teacher and an accountant. I definitely still use those skills.

And how has your career evolved? 

I manage the dive centre in Dahab with Alex. It’s a good role for me because one of my strengths is dealing with people and logistics.

And how has your life evolved…like in the last few days… Hint Hint.  Please elaborate.

How can we forget. During the photo shoot that you and I did for the Women In Diving project,  my boyfriend asked me to marry him. I had no idea. Brilliant of him because I always know. I would have known if he had tried to surprise me in any other way. But I think he saw you shooting photos with me underwater and just seized the moment.

You still have the engagement O-ring?